I am the last citizen of Barakus…

Beneath the Duskmoon Hills lies Barakus the grand underground enclave. We are a magic-loving people, and for hundreds of years have dwelled peacefully in our subterranean home, delving into the arcane arts. One of our number, Devron, rose to great power and transformed himself seeking life beyond death. The wizards of Barakus banded together, and after a great struggle, banished him to a prison far below the city. Before his banishment, however, Devron forged the helm of power, to restore his power.

Though Devron was locked away in a magical prison, the wizards knew that someday he might use his powerful magic to somehow free himself, and so created Kell. Because they wanted control Kell is all but useless unless empowered in a specific room in Barakus with three orbs of the flames.  Three elders of the city must agree on a champion before they offered their flame.

At great expense to personal power, Devron summoned a stone of madness, which erupted near the gates to his prison drive all sentient creatures mad. This it did, and the good people of Barakus destroyed themselves, and the city fell into ruin.

Centuries passed. The stone’s power diminished and most of the city was freed from its effects.  Creatures from the Under Realms and the surrounding wilderness began moving into the city and using its many halls and chambers for their lairs.  And still our ghosts walk…


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