Wizards Academy

The Wizard’s Academy (officially the Endhome Academy of Wizardry, Alchemy, and Arcane Knowledge) is nearly as old as Endhome itself. At one time, Endhome was little more than a popular trading village. An adventuring wizard took up residence here and, having made his fortune, decided to begin teaching the art of wizardry to a few promising locals. As Endhome grew, so did the Wizard’s Academy. It is now considered the continent’s preeminent training ground for wizards. Endhome’s continued neutrality has as much to do with the Wizard’s Academy and their local influence and formidable power as the senate and the city’s high walls. In fact, it was the Academy’s founder, Basil Strom, who suggested to the local elders that Endhome need not align itself with any nation, that it would in fact be in the city’s best interest to remain neutral. Basil wished his Academy to be friendly to wizards from all walks of life, and did not want to see it turn into a tool for one nation’s military. Thus, both the faculty and students alike are swift to answer the call should Endhome be threatened by outside forces.

The current Headmaster is Stylus Kant, an ambitious and talented young wizard; at 51 he is in fact the youngest Headmaster the Academy has ever had. Stylus would like the school’s faculty to focus more on innovative research than it traditionally has, and this new goal has attracted a number of clever and powerful wizards the school’s staff.

The large triangular building houses the school’s faculty as well as a number of research laboratories. A vast labyrinthine sub-level holds the schools thousands of magical tomes — it is even rumored there are a number of chambers and doors that haven’t been opened or explored in centuries. The eight smaller rectangular buildings are each dedicated to the teaching of one of the schools of arcane magic. Thus there is an Abjuration House, a Conjuration House, a Divination House, and so on. Finally, the U-shaped building in the northeast serves as the school’s dormitory and mess hall.

Traditionally, no more than 100 to 150 students train in the school at one time, and most are young adults. Academy students are not adventurers but some follow this path upon graduation.  Some students (approximately 10% of the student body) re-enroll to further their education and expand their studies, some eventually joining the faculty. Although the school is called the Wizard’s Academy, any class capable of learning arcane magic through study can attend. Wizards comprise 65% of the student body; the remaining 35% are some other arcane paths.

The school’s library is open to any outside arcane spellcaster who wishes to conduct magical research. There are certain rules, however. First, researchers must pay a base fee of 25 gp per day of research. Second, no demonic research is permitted. Third, the research cannot in any way disturb the working of the school. Finally, the Wizard’s Academy reserves the right to refuse anyone access to their library and to terminate one’s research without prior notice. Generally speaking, many arcane spells may be researched in the Academy’s library but instructors at the school are unwilling to share spells from their spell books.

It is possible that adventuring casters, particularly a specialist wizard, might be invited to teach for a semester or two at the Academy. The pay for a three-month semester is a meager (by adventuring standards) 250 gp, but does include free room and board, and, more importantly, access to the library as well as some valuable contacts.

Several sages inhabit the library nearly full time should a party desire to hire one.  Hiring a sage costs 100 gp per day. In lieu of payment, the sage could ask the players to run an errand for him. Perhaps a book retrieved from the vast library in the town of Elise along the Gulf of Akaidos would offset payment?

Books of all kinds are bought by this library. Standard tomes fetch between 2 and 20gp but other magical or particularly rare books can garner much more.

NPCs: Stylus Kant, Ranlan Pool and Kilgore Spink.

Wizards Academy

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